Amulya – Founder / Director

Amulya Borkotoky is a first-generation entrepreneur and has been in food technology business for 40 years in Jorhat, Assam. He has knowledge about various business functions, efficient sales, operations and customer satisfaction. He will be the mentor for " Tripicious " campaign where he will be involved directly in direct marketing and operations/implementations. He is a commerce post graduate from University of Dibrugarh in Assam.


Philanthropy and social work, football and travelling

Most memorable journeys

Sun bathing on the Sri Lankan shores, sky walks in Hong Kong and dancing to folk music amongst the locals in Sam sand dunes, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Avinash – Founder / Director

Avinash Borkotoky is a young, motivated travel designer who has more than 6 years of experience in handling tourists to India and its subcontinent from all over the world. He graduated from Ramjas College, Delhi University in 2009 and pursued Masters in Tourism & Travel from Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India in 2011. Since then, he has been working with the best inbound travel companies in India in sales, operation and implementation departments.

Avinash has a strong professional experience with top class inbound travel companies in India. He was involved in sales, operation and implementation of classy tours in the Indian subcontinent where people who travelled through him promised to come back to the subcontinent again in the near future.


Music, playing the guitar and casual singing, adventure and travelling to unknown destinations

Most memorable journeys

South East Asia, breath-taking Parvati valley Himalayan treks in Himachal Pradesh and sleeping under the moonlights amidst the Thar desert in Rajasthan

Anand – Head – Technology

Anand Kumar is a resident of Haridwar in Uttarakhand state in North India. He has seen tourism in and out in his home town where pilgrims and casual travellers from India and outside flock all the year round. A software engineer by profession, his interest in computers gained momentum during his engineering days in 2010. He is a fabulous designer and a passionate family man.


Computers, gaming and listening to music

Most memorable journeys

Cycling through the serene pathways during autumn fall in London, boat ride with family in Naini Lake, Nainital and taking a horse carriage in Marine drive, Bombay.

Swairik – Travel writer / blogger and content strategist

As unpredictable as nature, Swairik Das is an avid traveller as always on the go. He is a B. Com. Honours graduate from St. Xavier's, Kolkata. But his passion in travelling has turned him into a travel writer.

He is passionate about discovering remote places in the Indian Himalayan cove and experiencing indigenous culture of India. Being a traveller he is curious about knowing travel stories from traveller across the globe.

His experience matters a lot to us. His pictographic writing style and knowledge of social media marketing are the most essential tools for our business.


Other than travel and travel writing he mostly invest his time in sports, crafts and aquarium.

Most memorable journeys

The Roopkund Trek in the Garhwal and Malana Village Trek in Himachal Pradesh are the most incredible ones. Every year he travels to Pushkar in Rajasthan for being associated with Pushkar Children Trust, an NGO formed by travellers from USA and Europe. Tiger sightings in Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh has always been his favourite.